Environmental Communication

Online Courses

The curriculum spans different areas: environmental discourse and representations of nature in popular culture, environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG), risk communication, media and environmental journalism, social marketing and advocacy campaigns, public participation in environmental decision making, environmental collaboration and conflict resolution.

What will you learn?

To understand the natural resource management (NRM) and apply scientific knowledge in identifying and solving environmental problems.

To analyse and provide accurate data and information about the complex environmental issues.

To help people to understand how environmental degradation influences their life and what is their role in environmental protection.

To use communication and journalism techniques and tools in social marketing and advocacy campaigns, and in other forms of public participation for environmental protection.

To develop and implement environmentally friendly decisions to meet community priorities and support local actions.

To practice conflict management and mediate in NRM conflicts.

How will you learn?

The competency-based learning approach will stimulate you to apply all relevant knowledge and skills. The learning activities and projects are feasible and based on creativity, problem-solving, conflict management and communication. The course projects are feasible and can be converted into value for CSOs, institutions and companies, and can respond to community opportunities.

The online courses are delivered by transnationally mixed teams of lecturers and tutors from the partner HEIs. They consist of live webinars once a week and weekly learning activities. The webinars will introduce you to the course content and assignments and provide you with knowledge and experiences by lecturers who are specialists in the fields. After participating in webinars, you will be required to complete weekly assignments in mixed teams with other classmates and using the free online learning resources uploaded on the virtual classroom. Weekly activities will help you to benefit most from the courses and achieve the course skills and know-how, which requires your active participation. The lecturers will follow your progress and will give you ongoing feedback.

You can choose either a graded option or an audit option. If you choose the graded option, you will be evaluated by the lecturer, will get feedback for your work, and will obtain a certificate with ECTS credits. If you choose an audit option, you will participate only in course webinars and discussions, will not prepare assignments and, accordingly, will not receive feedback, certificate and ECTS credits.