Environmental Communication

Ermelinda Mahmutaj, PhD


Mrs. Ermelinda Mahmutaj, PhD, a researcher at the University of Tirana, Non for-profit Executive in EDEN center and a CCNet Europe Coacher. Her research interest is in: flora, vegetation, habitats, monitoring and conservation of biodiversity, sustainable development goals, environmental protection and environmental rights. She has more than 10 years’ experience in designing and implementing national and local monitoring and social surveys in environment to assess the state of art of implementation and enforcement of environmental legislation and practices, public perception etc. Working in environmental civil society in Albania she has extensive knowledge and active contribution in environmental policies, good governance, multi stakeholders` engagement, public assessments, public relations and advocacy, project design and management, facilitation, training, coaching to local government, CSOs, businesses, marginalized communities, youth, general public etc. She is committed in horizontal issues and is main author of diverse publications on conservation biology, advocacy, watchdogging, public information and participation, national and local elections, law implementation, etc.

She is an active member of National Council for Civil Society for the field of economic, territorial and environmental development, National Advisory Group for Environmental Crime and a notable public speaker.