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Quiz: How familiar are you with environmental legislation?

How familiar are you with environmental legislation?

What does access to environmental information, justice and participation include? What types of public hearings are there? What communication channels can be used? Who can legally stand in court under the Aarhus Convention? Test your knowledge!

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The Aarhus Convention gives you the right to

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The obligation contained in the Aarhus Convention are directed at

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Access to environmental information includes the right to request information

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Goverments and public bodies must disseminate vital environment information

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Participate in decision-making in environmental matters includes

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Access to justice in environmental matters should be

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Administrative and judicial procedures

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What activities which harm the environment can be challenged according to Aarhus convention?

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Who can go to court (legal standing) according to Article 9.2 of Aarhus convention?

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Effective participation can be achieved by different types of Public Hearings

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Which public communication channels can be used for achieving the goal of raising awareness and educating people about environmental policies and how to act upon them?

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The EU Habitat Directive

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What are the objectives of the Convention on Biological Diversity?

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